The Garden in June

GeraniumsHardy Geraniums flowering in June

A short guide to some of the jobs that need to be done in the garden in June and a selection of plants that are at their best at this time of year.

June for me always heralds the start of the summer season. For many of us, the spring has been probably the driest on record. A perfect summer this year would be lovely warm and sunny days followed by rain all night, every night to water our gardens and fields and to fill our reservoirs, but I think maybe I'm being a bit unrealistic. During June I love to garden in the evening, there are not many months of the year when you can garden until nearly 10 O'clock at night.

Some Jobs that Need to be Done this Month

Save and Store Rainwater

Water is so precious that it is important to save and store as much of it as possible. Make sure you have a water butt connected to every available downpipe on your property so that you can make the most of any summer downpours we might get. If you have a water meter, fitting water butts might also save you money.

Cut Back Spring Flowering Perennials

Some perennial plants that have just finished flowering can be cut hard back now. Examples include the oriental poppies, they might even flower a second time if you cut them back now.

Fragrant Flowers

Many of us spend a lot of time relaxing and socialising on the patio during the summer months. Plant fragrant plants near the patio this month where you and your guests can enjoy them throughout the summer months

Other Jobs to do this Month

  • Dead-heading
  • Regular lawn mowing (raise the height of cut in very dry weather)
  • Trim border edges
  • Regularly spray roses against greenfly and blackspot
  • Continue to pinch out the vegetative side shoots on tomatoes, encouraging the development of more flowers and fruits. Also feed them once per week

Our Plant of the Month

Potentilla fruticosa Marian Red Robin (Marrob) (PBR)

I think plants for summer interest in the UK need to be tough. They have to be able to cope with sustained periods of drought and often very windy weather. The Potentillas are tough shrubs that once established will cope very well with drought and other climatic hostilities. Potentilla fruticosa Marian Red Robin (Marrob) flowers for many months during the summer including June. It has flowers which open brilliant red and fade to orange. It is also a shrub that will grow well in partial shade and cope well with many soil types.

Other Plants of Interest During June


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