Glossary of Gardening Terms: A - Z


Descriptions of common gardening terms and phrases…



Akaline soil type

Describes a soil or compost that has a high pH value (above 7 on the pH scale) Certain plants prefer calcareous soil or compost. e.g. Pulsatilla.


Flower part at base of petals

Part of the flower, at the base of the petals, often in a whorl arrangement of petal-like sepals.


Green leaf pigment responsible for photosynthesis

The green pigment in the leaf that absorbs the sunlight for use in photosynthesis.


A plant that produces naked seeds

Glossary item image for Conifer
The term conifer is used to describe a plant that produces naked seeds, usually on the scales of cones. Conifers are also usually evergreen trees or shrubs.


A stem storage organ

A type of storage organ for storing food for the plant similar to a bulb but consisting of a modified stem or stem base. e.g. Cyclamen.


A variety of cultivated plant

The word CULTIVAR is derived from the two words CULTIvated and VARiety. A cultivar is a cultivated plant having unique characteristics that distinguish it from others of the same species. These characteristics were developed under cultivation and remain when the plant is propagated.