Tickseed - Coreopsis

Common Name: Tickseed
Genus: Coreopsis

The term Coreopsis is derived from the Greek for 'tick' or 'bug' and the resemblance of Coreopsis seeds to these creatures.

Category: Perennials
Growth Rate: Average
Features: Makes good cut flowers, Good for wildlife, Long flowering period

Hardiness: HardyHeight: 1.20 m (120 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sun or Partial shadeSpread: 0.50 m (50 cm)

Foliage Type: DeciduousFlower Colour: Gold, Pink, Yellow
Foliage Colour: GreenFlowering Period: June to August

Soil Type: Normal/Loam or Sandy/Light or Clay/Heavy
Soil Moisture: Moist, but well drained

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There are annuals and perennials in the genus Coreopsis. Usually daisy-like, the often double or semi-double flowers are usually yellow or golden-yellow. Some pink varieties are also available.

Coreopsis make good cut flowers and they are also useful for the wildlife garden because they attract bees. The flowers of Coreopsis are produced over a long period during the summer. Regular dead-heading extends the flowering period still further.



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