Thinking of Buying Daffodils?

DaffodilsLook for Spring bulbs with the Award of Garden Merit

The cheerful sight of blooming daffodils has long signalled the beginning of spring, but now is the time gardeners will be thinking of which bulbs to buy.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is advising people to look for bulbs with an Award of Garden Merit (AGM). The RHS has awarded the AGM to over 200 daffodil varieties which therefore carry a stamp of good quality.

Andrew McSeveney, RHS Trials Manager, says: “Gardeners who are looking for great daffodils to grow should really consider those with AGM status. The daffodil experts on the Daffodil and Tulip plant committee have spent a lot of time comparing different varieties and therefore gardeners can be assured that those with AGM after their name are ones that are good for all occasions”.

The RHS Advisory Service suggests that for strong and vigorous growth bulbs should be planted before mid-September if possible. The plants will then spend the winter months developing roots before flowering from February to early May. By planting now they will have a strong rooting system which, in turn, will give healthier and longer-lasting flowers. Planting daffodils at different times throughout this period will allow for staggered flowering times and selecting different types of daffodils will extend the flowering season.

Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticultural Advisor, says: “The enquiries received by the RHS Members’ Advisory Service show that daffodils, are deservedly popular. Answers to the most commonly asked questions on growing daffodils can be found on the RHS website: Where possible buy largest bulb sizes offered and be sure to plant early and sufficiently deeply for the best results.

There are a number of different types of daffodils, some are even scented. The RHS recommends that gardeners not only try the normal yellow trumpet, but take advantage of the wonderful range of flower colour and shape combinations, heights and flowering times available to gardeners.

Some RHS suggested AGMs:

  • ‘Tete-a-tete’ - A magnificent free-flowering little daffodil for pots, rock garden or naturalising. Suitable for the rock garden or alpine house.
  • ‘Cornish Chuckles’ – Prolific bloomer with three yellow florets per stem. Secondary blooms prolong flowering from early to mid season. Intermediate plant size makes it ideal for growing in the front of the border or in containers.
  • ‘Small Talk’ – An early flowering sturdy miniature yellow trumpet daffodil for the front of the border.
  • ‘Sint Victor’ – A large late season bright yellow trumpet daffodil that makes a big impact with strong healthy foliage.

Article posted on 05 Sep 2011.

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