Sempervivum 'Commander Hay'

Houseleek - Sempervivum  'Commander Hay'

Common Name: Houseleek
Genus: Sempervivum
Cultivar: 'Commander Hay'

The latin translation of the Genus name refers to how these plants always looks full of life, never appearing to have a dormant period; semper meaning "always" and vivus meaning "living".

Category: Perennials
Growth Rate: Average
Features: Has interesting foliage, Good for a rock garden

Hardiness: HardyHeight: 0.10 m (10 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sunSpread: 0.10 m (10 cm)

Foliage Type: EvergreenFlower Colour: Purple, Red
Foliage Colour: Purple, RedFlowering Period: July & August

Soil Type: Sandy/Light or Chalky/Alkaline
Soil Moisture: Dry, well drained

This succulent evergreen perennial produces rosettes about 10cm circumference, but as the photo shows it forms large groups of these rosettes. Excellent plant for the rock garden. Deep reddish-purple leaves, reddish purple flowers in Summer.



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