New Plants at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show


Site number:  RF/6

Rosa 'Drama Queen'

Striking red and white striped flowers with a light, but distinct scent are the hallmark of this free flowering floribunda. Growth is upright and of medium height with good, disease resistant foliage. This flamboyant rose is well named and celebrates the achievement of 50 years of Summer Repertory Theatre at the well known Sheringham Little Theatre on the Norfolk coast .Dame Judi Dench will receive the rose at The Midsummer's Rose Festival Press Event.

Rosa The Hever Castle Rose 'Horquinsey'

For the first time in its history, Hever Castle and Gardens will have its own rose. Bred by the highly regarded rose hybridiser, the late Colin Horner, the floribunda The Hever Castle Rose produces masses of velvety deep-red blooms which fade to cerise, offset by golden-yellow stamens. The blooms are complemented by attractive, healthy glossy dark-green foliage. Grows to a height of 1.20m.

Hever Castle is best known as the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Neil Miller, Head Gardener at Hever Castle said: "Hever Castle is famous for its rose garden which boasts over 4,000 rose bushes. We have a huge variety of roses in the gardens, from the Alba and Bourbon to Hybrid Tea and Floribunda so it seemed appropriate to enhance our collection by commissioning our own rose". Dame Judi Dench will receive the rose at The Midsummer's Rose Festival Press Event.


Site number:  RF/7

Rosa Alexander's Issie 'Dicland'

Named by fashion designer, the late Alexander McQueen in memory of his great friend the international style icon Isabella Blow. Bred by Dickson Nurseries of Northern Ireland, the rose is said to reflect Isabella's unique, colourful personality, celebrating her love of fashion and opulent dressing. The coral peach blooms are borne singly or in clusters and are offset by dark green, semi glossy foliage. The habit of this floribunda is upright to bushy with excellent disease resistance, achieving a height of about 80 cm.

Rosa Precious Love 'Kirlowo'

Paul and Louise Woodbridge became involved with the Child Bereavement Charity following the tragic death of their two-year old twins Betsy and William in September 2004. In memory of their children, their hope is that this rose will become an emblem and source of funds for the charity. Bred by Gordon Kirkham, the floribunda Precious Love produces scented clusters of salmon pink flowers. Red juvenile shoots mature to semi-glossy, dark green foliage perfectly complementing the blooms. C & K Jones will make a generous donation to the charity for every rose they sell.

The Child Bereavement Charity is the UK's leading charity supporting families and educating professionals both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved. Every year the charity trains around 5000 professionals across health care, social care, education, the emergency services and voluntary sector. It provides support and information, resources, an interactive website with online forums and a Buckinghamshire-based family bereavement support service.


Site number:  RF/3

Rosa ‘Anne Birnhak’Rosa 'Anne Birnhak'

A brand new, repeat-flowering, fragrant, disease-resistant, floribunda rose, bred by Fryer's Nurseries. Anne Birnhak is an enthusiastic gardener who opens her garden to the public to raise funds for the National Garden Scheme.  Her garden in Wandsworth measures just 22ft x 28ft and contains more than 2000 different plants.  She has 75 fragrant rose bushes, many in containers. Anne is truly honoured to have this magnificent rose named after her by one of the most prestigious nurseries in the world. 


Site number:  GW/16

Clematis Guiding Promise™ 'Evipo053' (N)

Girlguiding Guernsey are delighted to announce that, as part of the Girlguiding UK Centenary celebrations, they have been able to have a clematis named "Guiding Promise". The Girlguide movement is the largest voluntary organisation for girls and young women in the UK with over 550,000 members and 10 million worldwide.

The clematis, bred by Raymond Evison Clematis is a very free flowering, compact clematis, which only grows to about 3-4 ft (1-1.2m) in height.  It is very easy to grow and requires very simple pruning each spring when all the previous season's top growth is removed down to 6" (15cm) above soil level.


Site number:  RF/12

Rose of the Year 2011 Rosa Joie de Vivre 'Korfloci01'

The lightly fragranced, creamy pastel pink, full petalled blooms of this charming floribunda are perfectly offset by glossy, plentiful foliage. Bred by Kordes of Germany, the rose flowers freely throughout the season. Growing to a height of about 50cm and with a compact habit, it has demonstrated outstanding disease resistance. Kordes also bred the robust and lovely Rose of the Year 2006 'Champagne Moment' (Korvanaber).

Rosa County® of Staffordshire 'Korsoalgu'

Named for the Staffordshire Society and joining the range of ground cover roses in the County® Series. This new variety flowers freely, producing clusters of copper yellow flowers that fade to creamy yellow, offset by healthy foliage. Growing to a height of 60 cm this rose is ideal for border or container planting. The Staffordshire Society was founded in 1905 by a small group of Staffordshire men living in London. Representing the geographical County of Stafford, the society seeks to make people aware of their Staffordshire heritage. Members of the society must have been either born in the county, descended from Staffordshire parentage or have resided there for five years.


Site number: RF/5

Rosa 'Francis Copple'

This rose owes its name to the late Leslie Copple who left funds in her will to have a rose named for her father, Francis. Francis Copple a Metropolitan policeman for most of his life, loved roses. This modern shrub rose has fragrant, semi-double blooms of coppery yellow which fade to primrose yellow as the flower ages, flowering freely throughout the summer. Foliage is large and glossy and if late summer flowers are not removed, they will produce a crop of oval-shaped orange hips.  Growth: 1.5 m x 75 cm.

Rosa Togmeister 'Beahappy'

Named for one of radio and television's best-loved presenters, Sir Terry Wogan, and for the many fans, who dubbed him the 'Togmeister'.  A floribunda, with fragrant, bright yellow blooms that are produced continuously throughout the summer and are offset by healthy, glossy and plentiful foliage on a shapely plant which grows to a height of approximately 75 cm.

The rose will be received at The Midsummer's Rose Festival Press Event by Sir Terry Wogan.


Site number:  FM/30

Clematis Amethyst Beauty™ ‘Evipo043’(N)Clematis Amethyst Beauty™ 'Evipo043'(N)

Very deep velvet purple 6" (15cm) diameter flowers, occasionally with green tips to the sepals, maturing to a purple blue with red purple anthers. Marvellous with cream, yellow or pink-flowered roses or grey foliage plants. Hardy - zones 4-9. Aspect - any except north. Flowering - early summer to late summer. Bred by Raymond Evison, The Guernsey Clematis Nursery.


Clematis Reflections™ ‘Evipo035’ (N)Clematis Reflections™ 'Evipo035' (N)

This pretty, semi-double flowering cultivar is notable for its smaller, later summer flowers.  The flower opens lilac-blue, maturing to a pale lilac-blue and has contrasting purple-red anthers.  The early summer flowers have a 6" (15cm) diameter.  The later flowers become smaller as the season progresses.  Outstanding with deep coloured roses. Hardy - zones 4-9. Aspect - any. Flowering - early summer to late summer. Bred by Raymond Evison, The Guernsey Clematis Nursery.

Clematis Shimmer™ ‘Evipo028’ (N)Clematis Shimmer™ 'Evipo028' (N)

Large 7" (18cm) diameter flowers, opening deep lilac blue, with a paler central bar to each sepal, fading to mid-blue and maturing to light-mid blue, giving a contrasting range of flower colours across the different aged flowers.  Red anthers, fading to a deep mauve.  Slightly smaller flowers as the season progresses.  Amazing with purple or grey foliage shrubs and red or pink roses. Hardy - zones 4-9. Aspect - any. Flowering - early summer to late summer. Bred by Raymond Evison, The Guernsey Clematis Nursery.


Site number: RF/15

Rosa Golden Moment 'Smi-99-2-04'

A classic Hybrid Tea bred by the late Edward Smith. The large spiralled soft yellow blooms have a strong, sweet fragrance and the colour remains unfaded until the petals drop. Formed singularly and in small clusters, it will repeat flower throughout the season.  Foliage is a healthy, glossy olive green. Grows to a height of approximately 100 cm. Edward Smith bred many fine roses, including the popular 'Special Anniversary'. His son Alan is the custodian of the Edward Smith rose breeding programme.

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Article posted on 09 Jul 2010.

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