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Q: How can I keep my Acer Alive over Winter?

Plant covered in a fleeceShelter your tender plants through Winter with a horticultural Fleece

Despite the elegance of their foliage, Acers are notoriously difficult to keep and your efforts to protect them from harsh sunlight in summer should be matched by your efforts to keep cold winds at bay during the winter.

Acers are extremely susceptible to cold wind. For this reason, where possible, pot grown Acers should be planted in a suitably site. Otherwise, move the pot to a more sheltered location.

Next, a fleece which allows sunlight and rain to penetrate whilst sheltering the limbs from icy breezes should be supported around the branches using canes. Anchor the fleece firmly so that the wind does not carry it away or cause unnecessary damage to the tree structure. Get these in place before the first winter gales and you will hopefully see your Acer come back to life in the spring.


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