Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica

Heavenly Bamboo - Nandina domestica

Common Name: Heavenly Bamboo
Genus: Nandina
Species: domestica

The Genus name is an adaptation of the Japanese name for this shrub. Domestica refers to how the shrub has various uses in Japanese homes.

Category: Shrubs and Sub-shrubs
Growth Rate: Average
Features: Has interesting foliage, Has interesting/colourful ornamental fruit

Hardiness: Half-HardyHeight: 2.00 m (200 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sunSpread: 2.00 m (200 cm)

Foliage Type: EvergreenFlower Colour: White
Foliage Colour: Green, RedFlowering Period: July

Soil Type: Normal/Loam
Soil Moisture: Moist, but well drained

This evergreen shrub has upright stems, clothed with leaves that are split into leaflets. The foliage is dark red when young, turning green with maturity, and then back to red again during the winter months. In summer, clusters of small, white flowers are produced. The flowers are followed by round, red fruits.


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