Find the Best Plants for a Drought

Day by day, work continues on the PlantAdvice plant database.

Many parts of the U.K. are currently in the grip of a drought. Some local authorities are imposing hosepipe bans.

That's why it's so important to plan ahead and choose the very best plants in future that can suit any very specific requirements that you have or cope with particular sites or climatic conditions.

Our plant database contains thousands of plants. Every single plant is having it's characteristics and requirements systematically entered into our advanced search facility which is allowing our visitors to quickly search and find the very best plants for their requirements.

We have a large number of plants in our database that will thrive once established in dry soil during long hot summers. Just tick the 'dry' box in the soil moisture field.

You can specify the exact month in which you want to add colour to your garden, you can find the most suitable plants for the soil type and light levels that you have on your plot.

You can specify the growth dimensions of the plants that you are looking for, and the colour of the flowers and foliage.

If you want a plant that has very specific qualities e.g. 'fragrant flowers' or 'attracts wildlife' you can also select this in your search criteria.

So whatever you are looking for in a plant be it heatwave tolerance or winter colour please use our Advanced search facility to find the very best, most suitable plants for your requirements.

For more information see: Advanced Search Facility


Article posted on 10 Jul 2010.

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