Dorset Naga turns up the heat

The Dorset Naga, developed by Joy and Michael Michaud in a market garden in West Bexington, near Dorchester, is one of the more exotic crops featured in Mark Diacono's talks in the event's Good Life Pavilion.

Mark, who runs Otter Farm in Devon - Britain's only climate change farm - is at the Show to convince visitors that they can revolutionize the British larder and grow delicious food usually sourced from overseas.

His new book, 'A Taste of the Unexpected' features more exotic crops such as olives, peaches, almonds, Szechuan peppers, Japanese wineberries and apricots, with information about where to source plants, and how to use them in the kitchen.

He will be on stage with River Cottage forager, John Wright on Saturday 24, to do a spot of simple campfire cooking, and will talk about the Dorset Naga then.

The Dorset Naga (Capsicum chinensis) is a Scotch Bonnet/habanero chilli, originally selected from the Bangladeshi chilli, naga morich.

It is apparently used in fish curry in Bangladesh, but not much else, as consumed whole, is likely to put you in hospital!


Article posted on 26 Sep 2010.

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