Gardening Tip: Camellia Care

CamelliaEnsure Camellias are well watered for best flowering results

Open Quotes Make sure Camellia plants are kept well watered during the winter months. Failure to do so may result in the developing flower buds dropping before maturity in spring. Close Quotes

The Camellia genus contains over 250 different species of trees and shrubs, all have attractive, shiny dark evergreen leaves. Camellias have beautiful flowers that are sometimes more than 10cm in diameter. Colours include red, pink, white and yellow.

Soil Requirements

Camellias prefer to grow in acidic soil with a low pH. If local soil does not have these characteristics, soil based ericaceous compost can be used to grow the plants in pots or raised beds. Water Camellias with collected rainwater from a water butt; mains tap water pH is often too high.


Feed Camellias during the spring and early summer with a liquid ericaceous plant food.


Not all Camellias are fully hardy and may need to be moved into a greenhouse during the winter months.

When deciding where to grow a Camellia, choose a site in light, dappled shade or on the edge of a woodland. A location with some shelter from strong winds is also ideal, maybe with some protection offered by other more robust, larger plants.


Camellias don't really need any pruning, just maintain a desired shape, and remove any dead or damaged wood.

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