False hellebore

Veratrum album

False hellebore - Veratrum album

Common Name: False hellebore
Genus: Veratrum
Species: album

Category: Perennials
Growth Rate: Average

Hardiness: HardyHeight: 2.00 m (200 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sun or Partial shadeSpread: 0.60 m (60 cm)

Foliage Type: DeciduousFlower Colour: Green, Cream, White
Foliage Colour: GreenFlowering Period: June & July

Soil Type: Normal/Loam
Soil Moisture: Moist, but well drained

  • Other features: all parts of the plant are highly toxic if eaten and contact with the foliage may irritate the skin

A rhizomatous perennial that is found growing in damp meadows and open woodland throughout the northern hemisphere, this plant will thrive in rich moist soils in a lightly shaded spot. The pleated mid to dark green leaves form a cluster from which tall branching spikes emerge in early summer. These spikes are covered in masses of tiny star-shaped greenish-white flowers. A widely used remedy in homeopathic medicine, parts of this plant have also been used in the past as arrow poison.

  • Garden care: Try to keep it well watered and protect it from cold drying winds.