Cup plant

Silphium perfoliatum

Cup plant - Silphium perfoliatum

Common Name: Cup plant
Genus: Silphium
Species: perfoliatum

Category: Perennials
Growth Rate: Average
Features: Has fragrant flowers/foliage, Good for wildlife, Long flowering period

Hardiness: HardyHeight: 2.50 m (250 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sun or Partial shadeSpread: 1.00 m (100 cm)

Foliage Type: DeciduousFlower Colour: Yellow
Foliage Colour: GreenFlowering Period: July to September

Soil Type: Normal/Loam or Sandy/Light or Chalky/Alkaline
Soil Moisture: Moist, but well drained

The tough erect stems soar upwards in spring and are covered by large leaves that fuse together at their bases to form a sort of "cup" (hence the common name). This is a very attractive feature after rain as they often hold glistening balls of water. In mid summer clusters of bright yellow daisies crown the plant. These are airy enough not to dominate the surrounding planting even though they can reach 2.5m tall. A native of tall grass prairies, meadows, thickets and stream peripheries in North America this plant has a deep and extensive root system which makes transplanting difficult so make sure you have the right spot for it. It will attract birds and butterflies to the garden and will exude an aromatic resin if you crush the leaves and stems

  • Garden care: Divide congested plants in spring.