Zonal geranium

Pelargonium 'Fritz Anders'

Zonal geranium - Pelargonium  'Fritz Anders'

Common Name: Zonal geranium
Genus: Pelargonium
Cultivar: 'Fritz Anders'

Category: Non Hardy Perennials
Growth Rate: Fast growing
Features: Has interesting foliage, Suitable for growing in containers, Long flowering period

Hardiness: TenderHeight: 0.45 m (45 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sun or Partial shadeSpread: 0.30 m (30 cm)

Foliage Type: DeciduousFlower Colour: Red
Foliage Colour: Brown, Green, VariegatedFlowering Period: May to November

Soil Type: Normal/Loam or Sandy/Light
Soil Moisture: Dry, well drained or Moist, but well drained

Clusters of vibrant red flowers sit on tall upright stems above the variegated foliage right up until the first frosts in autumn. A classic colour for this summer favourite, it will add bold blasts of colour to windowboxes and containers as well as adding seasonal colour throughout the front of the border.

  • Garden care:  Water when necessary but let the soil get reasonably dry in between to avoid overly wet conditions. If you want more flowers then feed your plants once a week with a weak solution of a potash-rich liquid fertiliser such as Tomorite. Deadheading the spent flowers will also encourage more to form.

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