Dracaena deremensis group 'Massangeana'

Dracaena - Dracaena deremensis group 'Massangeana'

Common Name: Dracaena
Genus: Dracaena
Species: deremensis group
Cultivar: 'Massangeana'

The Greek translation of Dracaena refers to how the sap of this plant, when thickened, looks like dragonís blood!

Category: Houseplants
Form: Houseplant

Hardiness: Min 13oC
Height: 5.00 m (500 cm)
Sun/Shade: Grow in the sunniest part of the house.Spread: 1.00 m (100 cm)

Foliage Type: Evergreen

Soil: Good quality soil based compost

Upright evergreen houseplant. Variegated, sword-like leaves with broad yellow-green margins. Water freely in the growing season, less so in Winter.