Organic spring onion

Spring onion 'White Lisbon'

Organic spring onion - Spring onion   'White Lisbon'

Common Name: Organic spring onion
Genus: Spring onion
Cultivar: 'White Lisbon'

Category: Fruit & Vegetables

Height: 0.45 m (45 cm)
Spread: 0.15 m (15 cm)

  • Position: full sun
  • Soil: fertile well drained alkaline
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Hardiness: hardy

    Quick growing with a delicious pungent flavour this popular and reliable variety is ideal for sowings throughout the season. Delicious when young they becoming more pungent as the stems enlarge and start to bulb.

  • Growing Instructions:

    Sow thinly from March to August every 3 weeks for continuous crops. Sow in either narrow or broad drills 13mm deep allowing 23cm between drills. No thinning is necessary but make sure they are keep watered for best quality crops. Enjoy the harvest from May to October - later sowings may remain through to December if weather remains mild.