Organic radish

Radish 'French Breakfast 2'

Organic radish - Radish  'French Breakfast 2'

Common Name: Organic radish
Genus: Radish
Cultivar: 'French Breakfast 2'

Category: Fruit & Vegetables

Height: 0.20 m (20 cm)
Spread: 0.05 m (5 cm)

  • Position: full sun to light shade
  • Soil: fertile and moisture retentive
  • Rate of growth: fast
  • Hardiness: hardy

    Quick growing with bright red skin and a white tip the crisp flesh has a delicate mild taste. Adds a bit of zing to a salad.

  • Growing Instructions:

    Sow thinly from March to July outdoors in well prepared soil either in narrow or broad drills 13mm deep and 30cm apart. Thin the seedlings as necessary to about 20mm apart and keep well watered for the juiciest roots and to minimise bolting (running to seed). You will be able to enjoy the crop from May to October.

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