Tree Fern

Dicksonia squarrosa

Tree Fern - Dicksonia squarrosa

Common Name: Tree Fern
Genus: Dicksonia
Species: squarrosa

Category: Ferns
Growth Rate: Slow growing
Features: Has interesting foliage, Suitable for growing in containers, A good architectural plant

Hardiness: Half-HardyHeight: 7.00 m (700 cm)
Sun/Shade: Partial shade or Deep shadeSpread: 4.00 m (400 cm)

Foliage Type: Deciduous
Foliage Colour: Green

Soil Type: Acidic
Ericaceous: Requires a neutral or acid soil (or ericaceous compost), with a pH of 7 or below
Soil Moisture: Moist, but well drained

Tree-like fern with a thick mass of roots forming a trunk and long - up to 3m (10ft)  mid- to dark green fronds. These impressive tree ferns are one of the oldest plants in the world and their fascinating appearance will soon catch the heart of any gardener. They add drama and style to a semi-shady spot and will happily grow in any soil as long as the trunk is kept moist.

Other Features: Best grown as a pot plant where it can be taken in to a frost-free place in winter.

Garden Care: Water and feed by spraying the whole stem and crown as they absorb their nutrients through the trunk. It can tolerate temperatures down to -5C but the crown needs to be protected with straw as well as the trunk.

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