Winter Jasmine

Jasminum nudiflorum

Winter Jasmine - Jasminum  nudiflorum

Common Name: Winter Jasmine
Genus: Jasminum
Species: nudiflorum

'nudiflorum' refers to how the flowers are produced on the bare winter stems before the leaves open.

Category: Climbers & Wall Shrubs
Form: Deciduous shrub
Growth Rate: Average

Hardiness: HardyHeight: 3.00 m (300 cm)
Sun/Shade: Full sun best for full flower displaySun/Shade: Full sun or Partial shadeSpread: 4.00 m (400 cm)

Foliage Type: Deciduous
Flowering Period: January to March

Soil: Tolerant of a wide range of soils.

Soil: Fertile well-drained soil

Cheeful yellow flowers appear on bare stems in winter and early spring and really brighten up a dark winter day. This vigorous climber is easy to grow and easy to train on wires or a trellis but it looks just as attractive left to scramble freely over low walls. Bright green stems even in winter and dark green shoots add to the appeal of this lovely climber. Give it space to express itself and prune regularly.

Garden Care: Prune back after flowering to strong buds or young lower branches. On older plants cut back about a quarter of the old shoots to the base.

This deciduous wall shrub has small, mid-green leaves. Single trumpet-shaped bright yellow flowers are produced throughout winter and into early spring before the new leaves unfurl.

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