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Strawberry planting and feeding

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2011 19:34
by Pete
Whilst tidying up the strawberry bed, I found about twenty young plants rooted from runners which I had missed last Autumn. These had now set good roots. Dug them out and cut the runners.

Created a new bed for these by putting shredded newspaper into a shallow trench and adding some well rotted horse manure. Covered with soil, raking in some pelleted chicken manure, then planted my new strawberry plants about 20cm apart in both directions.

What do other gardeners use a as a fertiliser at planting time for strawberries and throughout the season in the months before flowering and fruiting?

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2011 19:57
by gardening_guru
Hello Pete,

Good question, I don't think strawberries need as much feeding as other, more hungry fruit and vegetable crops. You also have to be careful not to feed them too much because they might produce to much foliage at the expense of fruits. I would sprinkle a couple of handfuls of bonemeal per m2 into the soil at planting time. Then once you have picked all the fruit, sprinkle a couple of handfuls of potash per m2 amongst the strawberry patch.

Re: Strawberry planting and feeding

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2012 17:14
by davidaaren
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Re: Strawberry planting and feeding

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2012 11:46
by HenryDough
Strawberry plants are best for kitchen gardening. They look great and gives feel of freshness to your surroundings. We should always keep an eye whether there is well drained, sandy loam with a soil pH from 5.8 to 6.2. Also it needs full sun.