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rockery plants for dry area

PostPosted: 27 Apr 2011 09:12
by hels61
We have a row of tall conifers at the bottom of the garden and are creating a rockery area underneath them. The area is in shade most of the day, just gets early morning sun. Because of the conifers it is a very dry and sheltered area. The conifers also take alot of nutrients from the soil. What plants would be suited to that enviroment, any help really appreciated.


PostPosted: 27 Apr 2011 15:13
by gardening_guru

Have you tried using our plant finder facility to choose the best plants for your requirements?

You will find it here:

Just tick the boxes that you require, in your case for the soil type I think I would choose one of the soils low in nutrients e.g. sandy or chalk.

Tick all of the other relevant boxes and then click the 'Search for plants' button. It will search our database of over 2000 plants for those that meet your criteria.