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Cacti care

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2011 09:24
by greenhut
first post here so apologise if this is in the wrong area.

I have 2 of what I am told are Mexican Fence Post Catci.
Both are in pots situated in a conservatory and on a sill.
One of these is now approx 5ft tall and will soon be touching the ceiling.
Is there a way to stunt the growth or prune this plant ?
I dont want to move it outside as I'm sure this will kill it off.

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2011 18:02
by gardening_guru

Firstly, I'm sure you have already considered this but how much lower is the floor of the conservatory in comparison to the sill? Could the Cacti not just stand on the floor in their pots or does this not give them much more height into which they can grow?

Next, are they already in the smallest possible pots is which you can grow them in? You effectively want to bonsai them to slow their growth, so growing them in the smallest possible pots will help. Giving the roots a regular trim with sharp, clean secateurs might also slow their growth.

Is their anywhere they can be moved to where the light levels are slightly lower, they are obviously thriving where they are, probably becase of the amount of light they are getting.

Lastly, have you considered donating them, maybe to a hospital or nursing home with a large, tall glass atrium where everyone can enjoy them and the cacti can continue to grow to be as tall as they like.