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date palm

PostPosted: 13 May 2010 16:17
by perks
Help! I have had my date palm from a baby plant - it is now a wonderful 5ft plus tall and up until now has been wonderful. In the last month the center new growth is dying. I have cut out most of it but what is happening? Can I save my much loved plant?

PostPosted: 16 May 2010 19:57
by gardening_guru

Please provide a bit more information so that I can try and establish what the problem is:

Where is the plant located within the house? How much sunlight does it get? Has the plant been moved from one location to another recently?

How often do you water it? Is it standing in a saucer/tray of water? Do you adjust the watering amounts at different times of year? How hard is the mains water in your area?

What is the compost like that the plant is growing in; it needs to be very free draining.

Is there central heating in the room? What was the temperature in the room during the winter months?

Do you mist the leaves regularly or wipe with a damp cloth?

Has the plant been repotted recently? Does it appear to be very potbound when you take it out of the pot?

Sorry, lots of questions but if you can answer them I will probably be able to help you.