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Wrong Compost?

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2010 20:00
by simulous
Ive just bought some John innes No 2 soil based compost for my house plants (Prayer Plant + 2 dracaenas) Im not an expert but it looks very different compared to the compost my plants currently live in. Any experts on the John Innes brand of compost? Im thinking maybe i should have got no 3 or perhaps not the soil based compost......

Just for clarity this is the exact one i bought: ... id=LS6916D

Any help would be appreciated.

PostPosted: 14 Jun 2010 20:54
by gardening_guru

John Innes No 2 is fine for medium sized potted houseplants. If they are larger more mature plants, John Innes No 3 might be more suitable.
Here is some further reading for you: No.2