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living willow hedge

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2011 12:34
by thelma
I have got a mad idea in my head, and would like some honest critisism as to wether it would work or not.
I bought a bunch of Willow cuttings, which are now in seperate smallish pots, and coming into growth.
I would like to plant them along the edge of the garden, between us and next door. At the moment there is just a chicken wire fence.
The idea being, that I grow them and bend them over and weave them through each other to make a living fence. BUT THEN WHEN THEY HAVE GROWN INTO AN INTERTWINING FENCE, I WANT TO CHOP THEM OFF AT THE BOTTOM !! ALLOWING THEM TO DIE IN SITU so I never have to trim it again, and also then grow other plants, i.e. Clematis or Honeysuckle etc on it.
Do you think it would work ? and would I have problems removing the roots ?
Any other comments welcome.

PostPosted: 27 Mar 2011 16:09
by gardening_guru
Hello Thelma,

As long as the chicken wire fence is strong enough to remain upright under the weight of the dead willow stems I can see no problem with your idea. This is about personal preference, I would rather look at a green living willow fence than a brown, dead willow fence.