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PostPosted: 04 Sep 2010 19:43
by clairehoward
Can anyone recommend a lavender plant which will thrive in sometimes wet and heavy soil?

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2010 18:57
by gardening_guru
Hello Claire,

No, I don't think there are any Lavender species or cultivars that will tolerate heavy, wet soil.

However if you particularly like Lavender I would not let that put you off. Lavandula are not particularly deep rooted. Depending on how many plants you want in the garden, it would not be a massive project to dig out the planting hole(s), remove the soil and replace it with a 50/50 mix of decent top soil and sharp grit.

Obvoiusly the deeper you dig the holes the more likely the Lavandula plants are too thrive. I would also only plant Lavandula in full sun or very light shade.

Hope I have helped.