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Solanum crispum glasnevin

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2007 16:02
by Janeco
We planted a specimen against the south-facing back wall of our house about two years ago and it has grown prolifically. The roots look quite big. Is it safe to leave it against the house or is there a risk of it damaging the foundations? We pruned it hard last year and will do so again this year but it clearly likes its location very much.
Thank you for any advice. We will take it out if necessary. We live in an area of south London with clay soil and risk of subsidence - indeed our neighbours had problems caused by horse chestnut tree roots getting into their foundations.

PostPosted: 26 Mar 2007 18:35
by gardening_guru
The roots of a climber planted close to a house would not worry me. The roots of a tree would. But by all means seek a second opinion.