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My Wisteria won't flower anymore...please help !

PostPosted: 05 May 2009 19:28
by andyb
I have a beautiful Wisteria that covers the whole front of our house. When we moved in 5 years ago you couldn't even see out of the windows but the bloom was fantastic. I hard pruned it back and it has not flowered since. Every year I have to prune it every few weeks, taking away the new shoots as it covers the whole front of the house in weeks. It grows like mad, but does not flower any more....please help !

PostPosted: 06 May 2009 18:51
by gardening_guru
Hello Andy,

Have a look at the following blog article that I wrote some time ago, also feed your Wisteria once per fortnight around March and April with a fertiliser high in Potassium.

PostPosted: 07 May 2009 06:38
by andyb
I did read your article before I asked the question and it is very useful. The question I have however is that it is not practical for me to only prune it twice a year as it will cover all of the windows in the house if I do not trim it back every 4 weeks or so in the Summer. Do you think that this is the cause of it not flowering?
I will strat to feed it as you suggest, but the thing I find most strange is that it was covered in flowers the year before I pruned it and it did noit have any feed then.