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Apple tree pests

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2006 12:29
by Naomi
When is the best time to spray apple tree buds, so the apples are not full of worms. We have had our trees about 15-years and have never had good apples. Always full of worm holes.


PostPosted: 31 Jan 2006 20:33
by gardening_guru
Hi Naomi,
If you can describe the symptoms a bit more for me I may be able to help further but for the time being I think the the pest attacking your apples could be one of two I have in mind:-

Codling moth
You will find catterpillars, hang pheromone traps in the branches of the tree from late spring to mid-summer. You can buy the traps at any decent garden centre. The traps catch the male moths on a sticky surface that contains chemicals that mimick those used by the female to attract a mate. Using these traps to catch the male moths reduces the fertilisation of eggs previously laid on the fruit by the female. Using these traps will also identify when the male moths are in the vicinity enabling accurate timing of spraying, use a product that contains bifenthrin in the ingredients, a correctly timed spray will kill any caterpillars as they hatch.

Apple Sawfly
Identified by ribbon like scars on the skin of the fruit. Catterpillar like grubs 1cm long with brown heads. About a week after flower petals have fallen spray with a product again containing bifenthrin. Any spraying best done at dusk to avoid harming any bees.

Hope this helps,
Regards, GG.