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Soil Type for Acer Palmatum

PostPosted: 16 May 2007 08:14
by krust1607

I have recently adopted what was a very healthy acer palmatum autopurp that seemed to be thriving on neglect. It was pot bound and sat in water and hadn't been fed for years but was doing very well. I have re potted it with eracacious compost as adviced and it seems to have died. The stems look like there is some life in them but the buds have failed to open and are now dried up. It is totally leafless. Have I killed it with the wrong compost I wonder?


PostPosted: 16 May 2007 20:23
by gardening_guru

I do not think that the use of the ericaceous compost could have been responsible for the damage to this Acer.

Is it possible that the new compost was allowed to dry out at all after repotting? Reliably moist soil is ideal; as you mentioned it seemed to enjoy sitting in water beforehand. Another reason for the damage could be exposure to strong winds. Did you move it from one location to another when you repotted it? Acer palmatum thrive on shelter and some protection from full sun which can also burn the leaves especially in high summer.