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Is Ericaceous soil required?

PostPosted: 04 Sep 2009 16:22
by Highflychick
Hi I wonder if someone could let me know if I need to plant a Sundaville in ericaceous soil? (I know that it won't harm the plant if I do even though it can be planted in normal soil, however just means if I need to go and buy some.

Thanks you so much in advance for your help

PostPosted: 06 Sep 2009 19:31
by gardening_guru
Hello Claire,

Your question puzzled me for a while because I was not quite sure what you meant by a Sundaville. I think Sundaville is the commen name for Mandevilla. If I am correct, then you do not need ericaceous compsot for a Mandevilla plant although I would suggest a compost that contains some proper soil. (loam based)